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Six new COVID-19 cases in 24 hours

On Friday morning the number of COVID-19 cases registered in the Faroe Islands was three. On Saturday morning that number had tripled.

100 people were tested for COVID-19 on Friday, and as a result, six new cases were confirmed, Lars Fodgaard Møller, chief medical officer of the Faroe Islands said on Saturday morning. This means that the Faroe Islands currently has nine cases.

One of the new cases was a student from Glasir college in Tórshavn. The student in question was one of 11 students to come back from a study trip to Portugal earlier this week.

According to Steinbjørn Hardlei, rector of Glasir, all students were quarantined immediately, hence none of them set foot on school premises. So far none of the other students have shown any signs of being infected.


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