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Six more names announced to perform at G! Festival including world famous Huun-Huur-Tu

Six additional acts for the 2021 edition of the G! Festival in July have been revealed  to join the seventeen artists already announced. The newly announced acts include the following:

• Huun-Huur-Tu from the Tuva republic in southern Siberia, Russia, known for its distinct style of music and unique way of singing. The musicians and throat singers of Huun-Huur-Tu have travelled all across the world and are counted among the greatest in folk music.

• Asaf Avidan, a singer-songwriter from Israel, who amongst other things is well known for his unique voice. In his work you can hear traces of Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, Janis Joplin, and Bob Dylan, but the sound is still original, with the songs sung beautifully from the heart.

• Copenhagen-based German artist Gretas angelic voice is accompanied by a dreamy 80s style synthpop. A member of Danish girl band Ida Red, she has also released some work on her own. Her album Ardent Spring” has been called a very strong debut, which will enchant you from beginning to end.”

• Konni Kass emerged on the Faroese music scene with the album Haphe” in 2016, an album thats been given an excellent reception in the Faroe Islands as well as abroad. Konni has performed on several tours in Denmark and in Germany as well on big music festivals like Iceland Airwaves, Eurosonic, Reeperbahn Festival, Spot Festival, by:Larm and Roskilde Festival.

• Calby is a project initiated by Danish producer Mik Thybo, who started the project (the name is a play on Copenhagen and Valby) after having produced music for other artists for 15 years. Calby’s genre can be described as a combination of soul, pop, and indie rock.

• Janus Rasmussen, known from Byrta amongst other things, is no stranger to the G! Festival stage, but this summer will be the first time he will be performing his own solo content.

Like so many other festivals, last years planned G! Festival had to be cancelled. Whether indeed or not there will be a festival at Gøta come July remains unclear at this point.

The first tickets for G! 2021 were put on sale in December however customers wont be charged until May 1st, the deadline set for a final decision on whether to proceed with the event this year.

Previously announced artists for the G! Festival 2021:

• José González (Sweden)
• Tessa (Denmark)
• Eivør (Faroe)
• Busy P (France)
• MYD (France)
• Brimheim (Faroe)
• Auður (Íceland)
• Silvurdrongur (Faroe)
• Ghost Notes (Faroe)
• Raske Drenge (Faroe, Belgium)
• Katatonia (Sweden)
• Swangah (Faroe)
• Gaye Su Akyol (Turkey)
• Konvent (Denmark)
• The Holy (Finland)
• Joe & the Shitboys (Faroe)
• Antii Paalenen (Finland)


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