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Sirkus Föroyar manager: It makes me very happy every time a new place opens

Since its opening in 2009, Sirkus Föroyar – trendy bar, restaurant and venue in downtown Tórshavn – has been very popular among locals as well as tourists, who have been flocking to the Faroe Islands over the past couple of years.

Sunneva Háberg Eysturstein, owner and manager of Sirkus, is looking very much forward to the months ahead – especially the summer months, you might suspect – to welcome visitors – both domestic and international visitors.

In an interview with Local.fo, she states that Sirkus has grown in popularity over the years and that the number of foreign visitors has increased with every passing year – especially from 2016 to 2017.

Last July, Sirkus was packed every day.

Bearing this in mind, Sunneva is also a bit nervous ahead of the coming months.

– It makes me very happy every time a new place – be it a new bar or a new restaurant – opens in Tórshavn or in the Faroe Islands in general because then we can focus on serving the customers who come to us to the best of our abilities. Hence, it is always a good thing that there are several places to pick and choose between, Sunneva says.

Sunneva adds that…

– If you want to open a new restaurant or a new pub it is important that your business plan is well thought through and that you do your own thing instead of copying other people or other businesses. You´ve got to be original or else chances are you will not succeed.

– And I must add that I am happy that I did not know what I threw myself into when I decided to open Sirkus back in 2009. It is never easy to run a business and it requires a lot of very hard work. However, business is going well at the moment and I love this place. I love to serve my customers and make them happy, Sunneva concludes.


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