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Silence of the lambs as Good Friday turns into a good Friday for a Vagar Airport-furry intrusion

As we all know there are more sheep than human beings in the Faroe Islands.

The ordinary Faroese probably do not think about this fun fact too much but from time to time you might be cruelly reminded of this reality.

Remember all those furry intrusions on the roads that put a not-needed halt to traffic?

Or do you remember when these otherwise lovely creatures decided to take a dump outside your gate?

However, and no matter how much they might annoy us, we just cannot live without our furry friends – and vice versa.

Therefore, it was perhaps only fitting that a flock of sheep went to Vagar Airport on Good Friday night to welcome Easter visitors to the Faroe Islands (see picture above).

Image credits: Fróði Heri Poulsen/Portal.fo


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