Gorge of Gjógv Gjógv

A natural gorge between two cliffs forming a natural harbour. On the right side there is a path out to Mary’s Bench where you have a view of the bird cliffs and the village of Gjógv.


Leitisvatn Lake Vágar

The lake, over cliffs, with the ocean below and a waterfall. It’s wonderful, a thing you should never miss.


Múlafossur Waterfall Gásadalur

One of the top places in Faroe islands according to guides. Truly a jaw-dropping landscape.


Tinganes Tórshavn

The attractive, historic centre of Tórshavn, with old grass-roofed buildings. The headquarters of the Faroese Government is based here.


Viðarlundin Park Tórshavn

Walk along the water taking your time to enjoy the smell from trees and water and the sound of running water and you let peace fall upon you.