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Several municipal institutions are closing

(Klaksvík Municipality, press release)

Jógvan Skorheim, mayor, and chairman of Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta has decided, together with the managements of the institutions, to implement comprehensive safety measures that are deemed necessary.

Klaksvík municipality has today considered its role in preventing and limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

The measures will be implemented on 13 March and will remain in effect until Sunday 29 March.

Child care institutions closing

Child care institutions, Húsið, children’s dental service, and Klaksvík municipality’s after-school recreation centre are stopping their activities. If parents/legal guardians need to make use of these services, they are asked to contact the manager in question. We call upon parents only to do this, if there is no other option available.

City busses and special transport stop all their activities

The public swimming pools, the sports halls, the city library, the evening school and the music school are closing

Miðlan is closing

The Klaksvík municipal office service will be limited and Miðlan is closing. However, the telephone number 410000 will answer on weekdays from 10.00 am to 3.00 pm.

Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta’s telephone hours

Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta’s telephone no. 793400 will answer on weekdays from 8.00 am – 3.00 pm.

Chat line on Facebook’s Messenger

Employees of Klaksvík municipality and Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta and all citizens of Klaksvík municipality will be given the opportunity to ask question concerning the measures implemented by Klaksvík municipality regarding Covid-19. These questions can be asked through Klaksvík municipality’s page on Facebook, and they will be answered to the best of our ability.

The homes for the elderly will be closed for visitors

In order to protect our elderly citizens, we are closing all Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta’s homes for the elderly for visitors. In the case of an emergency, family can contact the manager in question in order to make other arrangements.

Respite care

Norðoya Bú- og Heimatænasta will not receive new citizen for respite care.

Every employee of Klaksvík municipality will work from home

With only a few exceptions, employees will not be working from their usual work stations. However, these coming days are not to be considered as days off work. It merely means that the work station has been moved to the home, as much as possible.

Travels abroad, courses and meetings will be cancelled

Every employee who was meant to travel abroad in service of the municipality is asked to cancel the trip.

We also call on employees to cancel all courses and meetings.

People who have been abroad must not come to work

Employees who have been abroad this last week are asked not to come to work in the coming 2 weeks.

City hall meetings and committee meetings in March are cancelled 


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