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Several districts of Klaksvík evacuated amid major landslides

Following days of heavy snowfall, several large landslides have been reported in parts of Klaksvík as well as elsewhere in the Northern Isles region of the Faroes, notably Svínoy island.

Damages on homes were reported as well as incidents of cars being swept off road, with dramatic pictures from affected neighborhoods widely shared on social media. Fortunately, as of this writing, no casualties have been reported.

On Monday December 19th around noon, according to Klaksvík-based news service Norðlýsið, the Municipal Council of Klaksvík was urging people in the upper residential areas to leave their homes immediately.

“The Council urges all people living in the upper residential areas of Klaksvík including Ánir and Norðoyri, to leave their houses immediately,” Norðlýsið reported under an ‘Emergency’ heading.

“We are dealing with an evacuation owing to large landslides on several locations across the town with risks of further incidents to occur.”

Photos from the landslides can be viewed at Nordlysid.fo …


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