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Seven new Covid-19 cases during first week of December

Two and a half week have passed since the Faroe Islands confirmed its 500th Covid-19 case. Since then ten additional cases have been added, with hospitalizations remaining at zero.

During November, a total eight cases were confirmed, about half of which were travelers who tested positive after having been abroad. The numbers for the month of December are likely to be somewhat higher, with an additional seven cases confirmed during the first week. All but one of the new cases have been imported, according to public health authorities.

Two new cases were confirmed on December 1st, one of which had contracted the virus in the Faroe Islands. On December 4th, another case was confirmed, and the following day, a total of four new cases were confirmed — all of these were travellers who tested positive upon arrival or six days after.

According to most recent statistics, a total of 510 people have tested positive for Covid-19 in the Faroe Islands, of which 501 have subsequently been declared negative. This leaves the current number of active cases at nine.


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