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SEV invests in more technology to utilize wind power

Faroese utility company SEV is increasing its capacity to utilize wind energy in the so-called Main Area with the investment in a synchronous condenser and a battery energy storage system (BESS).

A synchronous condenser with 15 megavolt amperes of reactive power plus a BESS with a 12.5-megawatt hour storage capacity are currently being installed at SEV’s thermal power plant at Sund north of Tórshavn.

This is the first project of its kind in the area with additional systems to be installed in the future to further accommodate the growing levels of wind power harvested in the island nation, according to SEV.

“All the required equipment has arrived and the synchronous condenser has been placed in the newly erected hall created for the purpose,” the utility firm said of the new equipment at Sund. The installations are to be completed in the summer with commissioning to operations expected in the fall, SEV added.

The newly arrived synchronous condenser reportedly has a capacity of 15 megavolt amperes of reactive power. Image credits: SEV.

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