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With a Faroese tinge: Posta releases new Christmas seals

Posta, the Faroese postal service, has published this year’s new collection of Christmas seals. Again this time around, profits from the sales will be donated to The Christmas Seal Foundation, which supports children’s and youth activities in the Faroe Islands. 

Designed by artist Suffía Nón, this year’s Christmas seals tell the story of the first Christmas when Jesus was born in Betlehem — with a Faroese tinge, that is.

The artist has clearly used, for example, the Faroese landscape for the background, as well as letting Mary and Joseph wear Faroese clothing, with Mary wearing a Faroese sweater with a star pattern and Joseph wearing a Faroese hat and coat.

Three of the designs from this year’s Christmas seals are also available as Christmas cards.

The Yearbook with all the stamps and mini-sheets from 2020 is also available, Posta announced. Along with containing the stamps, the Yearbook also recounts the story behind every one of them. The Yearbook includes articles in Danish, English and German.

The new Christmas seals are available at post offices around the Faroe Islands as well as at Stamps.fo.


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