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Second COVID-19 case confirmed: 32 people quarantined

On Friday morning, the second case of COVID-19 in the Faroe Islands was confirmed. A woman who’d recently returned from a trip to northern Italy. Before being diagnosed, the woman went to work at restaurant Fútastovu in Tórshavn, and the restaurant has now been closed and will not reopen until 18 March at the earliest.

According to the Faroese Ministry of Health, a total of 32 people are currently in quarantine, among them coworkers of the infected woman. Most of them are quarantined in their homes, but nine people are currently quarantined at Hotel Vágar.

On Friday night, the Faroese health authorities recommended that all events with 500 or more people in attendance be cancelled.

As a result of this, several events have been cancelled, among them a volley ball tournament in Kollafjørður. This year’s Faroese Music Awards, which were scheduled for Saturday night and the first football matches in the Betri division will be held without an audience.

About 30 people were tested for COVID-19 on Friday, and on Saturday morning, the chief medical officer announced that all the test results were negative.


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