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Sea Shepherd protesters gather in Copenhagen to protest whale killings in the Faroe Islands

A couple of Sea Shepherd supporters gathered in Copenhagen’s Nyhaven on Saturday to protest whale killings in the Faroe Islands, reports Faroese news website In.fo.

The activists carried posters reading “Stop Grindadráp” (Stop whale killings). The posters also contained bloody images from whale killings in the North Atlantic Archipelago.

This is not the first time anti-whaling activists have made a mark in Denmark‘s capital city.

In May 2017, Copenhagen’s iconic Little Mermaid statue was discovered covered in red paint, with the slogan, “Danmark, defend the whales of the Faroe Islands” written in red paint on a nearby sidewalk.

Earlier in May 2017, the activist group Sea Shepherd Scandinavia submitted a request for an investigation of the practice to the European Commission. It alleges that Danish police, naval and customs officials have been facilitating, and in some cases participating, in the practice known as Grindadrap, in which whales are lured into an ocean inlet and then killed by hand.

While Denmak is subject to EU laws regarding the killing of whales, the Faroe Islands are not.

Meanwhile, the Icelandic government has received over ten thousand emails from individuals protesting the decision of Hvalur hf whaling company to recommence whaling on July 6th, reports Iceland Monitor.

This was disclosed in an answer from the Foreign Ministry upon the request of MP Þorgerður K. Gunnarsdóttir who asked about protest against whaling and economic impact. Half of the emails received were when a hybrid fin whale was killed.

Image credits: In.fo


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