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Sea Shepherd draws first blood as Týr show is cancelled – “We are boycotting them because of their immorality,” says SS leader of Faroese rockers

Faroese folk metal band Týr are currently touring Europe following the release of Hel, their eighth full-length studio album.

From a Týr point of view, the tour has not exactly been a bed of roses as three of their shows have been cancelled.

This comes after Sea Shepherd activists have urged fans to boycott Týr and write to concert halls in Europe and call for the cancellation of the band‘s upcoming appearances.

It appears that a couple of concert halls have heeded this particular call.

Last Friday, a Týr performance at the MusikZentrum in Hannover, Germany, was cancelled – much to the frustration of Týr’s band members.

Who decided to go on stage, anyway.

A minute and a half later, they were asked to leave the venue.

According to Týr, the local organizers in Germany were put off by an ‘internet campaign of lies’.

“The show was booked months ago, with no problems. Then an internet campaign of lies got the local organizers to cancel our performance. We went on stage anyway and played for a minute and a half, to peacefully point out an injustice, wearing T-shirts saying ‘Týr censored’. We were then asked to leave the venue, which we did peacefully,” Týr explained on Facebook.

The Faroe Islanders added that they are “here to play music”.

While the band members of Týr are apparently aggrieved by the aforementioned cancellations, it is on the other hand safe to assume that Paul Watson, the founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, takes delight in Týr’s struggles.

“Sea Shepherd’s ongoing campaign to have venues around the world cancel performances by the band TYR has been hugely successful,” Mr. Watson said in a Facebook post, adding:

“TYR are not just there to play the music. They are open and active supporters of the Grindadrap – the annual Faroese slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins. Heri Joensen, the lead singer has personally participated in the killing. The lyrics of some of their songs glorify the slaughter and attack those who defend and protect the cetaceans. TYR states that there is a campaign of lies by Sea Shepherd. What are these lies?,” Mr. Watson asked rhetorically.

He took it upon himself to answer this question:

“Sea Shepherd states that hundreds of pilot whales and dolphins are slaughtered in the Faroe Islands every year. Is that a lie? No. It is a fact.

Sea Shepherd states that the slaughter is cruelly inhumane? Is that a lie? Our observations and documentation demonstrated that the slaughter is indeed cruel and that the animals suffer. If TYR disputes this, it is based on opinion, not fact.

Sea Shepherd states that TYR promotes and supports this slaughter. That is a fact.

Sea Shepherd states that there is no subsistence necessity to the Faroese people because of the Grind. That is a fact.

Sea Shepherd states that children in the Faroe Islands have high levels of mercury in their bodies from ingesting dolphin meat. That is a fact based on evidence from doctors in the Faroe Islands.

TYR performances have been cancelled in the USA, France, Switzerland and Germany. This is not censorship. It is a boycott of a group that openly and aggressively supports, promotes, and in the case of Heri Joensen participates in the horrific slaughter of dolphins and pilot whales.

TYR is not being boycotted because of their music. We are boycotting them because of their immorality. We are boycotting them for using their musical media to promote extreme violence and cruelty. These are facts, not lies,” concluded Paul Watson.

Týr performed in Belgium last night, and according to Faroese news website In.fo the show was well received.


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