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Scot found Heini´s message in a bottle

On July 7th last year, Heini from Faroese trawler Næraberg tossed a message in a bottle overboard into the Faroese ocean.

He hoped that someone would find it and get back in touch with him – which someone eventually did.

On February 20th, the bottle was found on Ard Michael beach in Stoneybridge on the Isle of South Uist which is in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

Christiaan, who found the bottle, told Local.fo that: ”My husband and I were doing a little beach clean up on our local beach and amongst all the rubbish I found the bottle with a note in it on Feb 20th.

Christiaan explained what the note in the bottle said:

– The note said: “Hello this is Heini, I come from the Faroe Islands, and I’m part of the crew of the Naeraberg, we are heading to east Greenland to fish mackrel. We are located just on 63 grades north. And who so ever finds this mail, I hope to hear from you.”

Christiaan immediately tried to get in touch with Heini via email but heard nothing back. He then took to Twitter to appeal for help and this time round he got lucky.

– I emailed him but heard nothing back, so I appealed for help on Twitter yesterday. I recieved lots of support, information and retweets which was fantastic and last night Heini replied back to me. I am very grateful to all those who took the time to retweet and write to me. It was lovely to hear from Heini and tell him that we had found his bottle, says Christiaan.


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