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Scot appointed new rector at University of Faroe Islands

The University of the Faroe Islands has appointed Professor Chik Collins from Scotland as its new Rector from 1 September.

Prof. Collins is a Professor of Applied Social Science at the University of the West of Scotland and has been widely published in political sociology and linguistics. A highly experienced researcher and educator with an outstanding track record at multiple levels of higher education administration, Prof. Collins has also worked as Assistant and Interim Dean at the University of the West of Scotland since January 2016.

In its recommendation, the Selection Committee emphasised that the new Rector has demonstrated an ability to foster support and cohesion among employees, to collaborate with external partners, and to strike the right balance between thinking strategically and seeing plans through with great pragmatism.

Prof. Collins sees great potential in collaborating with international universities.

“The University of the Faroe Islands should continue to think internationally and create a clear strategy for developing international cooperation,” he says. “For example, the University of the West of Scotland puts great emphasis on offering degrees that can be studied abroad.”

One of the Prof. Collins’ first tasks will be to review the University’s long-term strategy in close collaboration with the board, faculty, student body and other stakeholders. The strategy will include a greater emphasis on reducing the number of students that quit a degree or that take a long time to complete a degree.

“The more students finish their degrees on time, the more likely we are to secure financial support,” says Prof. Collins. “There are various ways to make progress, such as through research and internationalisation, but one should always remember that the students are the core that everything else is built around. Developing all these areas will give students a better experience at university.”

The role as Rector at the University of the Faroe Islands is a five-year position with an option to extend for another three years.

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