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Schools and daycares reopen next week

Due to the new COVID-19 outbreak in the Faroe Islands, the reopening of daycare facilities and schools after the summer holiday was delayed by one week, but next week, the kids are sent back to school, kindergarten and daycare.

Kids in kindergarten and daycare are going back on Monday, 17 August, but some municipalities require the parents to sign their child up for care before returning.

Kids in primary and secondary school are going back on Tuesday, 18 August. The colleges are also reopening sometime next week.

It is important that the public guidelines are followed, hence certain adjustments will be made to prevent the virus from spreading, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture writes in a press release.

Among other things, the students will only be with their own class, no big assemblies are to be held, and recesses will also be organized differently. Clear guidelines are set regarding hygiene, and parents are asked not to accompany their children to school.

If necessary, additional adjustments will be made depending on the development of the situation.


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