Sandoy subsea-tunnel in the making, 1.614 meters out of 10.785 meters have now been bored

1.614 meters of Sandoyartunnilin – the subsea-tunnel which will connect the island of Streymoy to the island of Sandoy – have now been bored, reports

The completed tunnel will be 10.785 meters long.

Work on the undersea tunnel started earlier this year, and the tunnel is expected to open to drivers in 2023.

Last week, 131 meters of the Sandoy subsea-tunnel were bored.

Overall, 1.052 meters have been bored from Sandoy, while the remaining 562 meters have been bored from Streymoy.

The Sandoy subsea-tunnel will be the fourth of its kind in the Faroe Islands after Vágatunnilin (2002), Norðoyatunnilin (2006) and Eysturoyartunnilin, which will open to the public in December 2020.

It is estimated that 300-400 cars will drive through the Sandoy subsea-tunnel per day.

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