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‘Same But Different’ event gathers international Tórshavners

A ‘Same But Different’ multi-ethnic social event held at the Perlan venue in Tórshavn on Friday gathered a sizeable crowd of local residents and visitors to celebrate unity and diversity among native Faroese people and the growing number of immigrants living in their midst. 

Sponsored by the Municipality of Tórshavn, the international event was designed to be family friendly and “fun for kids and adults alike” as well as to offer an opportunity to meet fellow Tórshavners and people from around the world.

Indeed we met a number of people there, all of whom seemed to enjoy the pleasant and open atmosphere, including, for instance, people from Colombia wearing their beautiful national costumes. A host of activities were taking place including music, dance, face painting and more, along with foods from all corners of the world to enjoy.

The event coincided perfectly with the ‘Cultural Night’ taking place on the same evening in Tórshavn.


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