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“Safety is always our utmost priority and getting the passengers from A to B is our top concern,” states Atlantic Airways CEO after less than ideal flight, comfort wise

Atlantic Airways CEO Ms. Jóhanna á Bergi admits that the Atlantic Airways flight to the Faroe Islands last Friday was less than ideal, comfort wise.

However, Ms. Bergi implies that the pilots did not take any unnecessary risks.

She told Farose news website VP:

“Safety is always our utmost priority and getting the passengers from A to B is our top concern. But we admit that the flight on Friday was one of the lesser good. Still, it (the decision making of the pilots) was well within limits, even though it might have been rough on the passengers.”

Ms. Bergi adds that Atlantic Airways passengers have no reason to feel unsafe:

“Our pilots are very experienced when it comes to flying to the Faroe Islands, and we have got top quality technology, which contributes to a safe landing – including TWI, a Turbolens Warning Indicator. This equipment is used to measure whether it is safe to land but of course it can be a bit uncomfortable at times,” Ms. Bergi said.

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Both Atlantic Airways and SAS experienced heavy turbulence when approaching the Faroe Islands last Friday. One eyewitness told VP that he watched the SAS plane as it approached Vágar Airport, and “it did not look nice”.

Strong winds rocked the SAS aircraft from side to side, and at one point the plane appeared to fly sideways, at around 70°, according to the eyewitness.

Ms. Bergi concludes: “I can promise everyone that that we take security very, very seriously, and what happened Friday was within limits, safety-wise.”

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