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Russian shipowner uses Faroese shipyard for repair and maintainance work

During the last many years the Russian Murman Seafood have undertaken shiprepair and maintenance work at MEST Shipyard in the Faroe Islands. The Murmansk based shipowners have a fleet of 5 large fishing vessels which are fishing in Faroese waters, the Barent- and Norwegian Sea as well as in Greenland and Flemish Cap.

Anton V. Khizhnyakov, Chief Engineer at Murman Seafood, has during the last many years been frequently to the Faroe Islands with different vessels – for repair and maintenance work.  They usually arrive at the MEST Shipyard’s facilities during the period November – April which means that Anton never has experienced the Faroes in the summertime. We asked him why they are choosing the Faroe Islands for maintenance work. Anton says: “ I like the Faroe Islands – the nature and the people I am working with. We have a good friendship and understanding between the two companies.  MEST Shipyard are very good in the preparation before we arrive and are usually very punctual regarding timing. They also have “normal” prices compared to other shipyards. “

The maintenance work on Melkart-5 is about to be completed after two weeks work. MEST Shipyard undertook successfully painting work, class renewal of bottom and overboard valves as well as various mechanical and welding work. Below some photos of the final work which was completed 15 January 2019.


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