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Roundabout in undersea Eysturoy Tunnel to be lit up by huge Tróndur Patursson art piece

Last week it was announced that Eysturoyartunnilin (The Eysturoy Tunnel), the new giant subsea road tunnel connecting the Faroese capital Tórshavn to two points on the island of Eysturoy, is likely to open before Christmas instead of in early 2021 as originally planned. These days, accordingly, finishing touches are being applied to all aspects of the giant project.

The unique roundabout midway in the tunnel, notably, is being fitted with a huge piece of art by renowned Faroese artist Tróndur Patursson, who is currently spending much of his time setting up the 80-meter piece he has created for the tunnel, a piece that features a combination of sculptures and light effects.

The Eysturoy Tunnel is not the only Faroese undersea road tunnel to include art by the famous artist from Kirkjubø. Norðoyatunnilin, the fixed link between Klaksvík and Leirvík, which opened in 2006, also includes some of Patursson’s light art.



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