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Rising handball stars Faroe topple Brazil and Portugal to reach quarterfinals at U21 World Championship

Slated to face off against Serbia in the quarterfinals on Thursday, the Faroes has emerged spectacularly as a rising star in the 2023 IHF Men’s Junior (U21) World Championship.

The Faroe Islands national handball team secured their spot in the quarterfinals at the U21 World Championship in Germany following their 33-27 win against Brazil in a tough match on Sunday.  

The Faroese then went on the next day to defeat Portugal fair and square 27-19, after reigning champions Spain had lost against Portugal on the previous day.

Sunday’s match against Brazil ended with a score of 33-27, with a halftime score of 16-13, while Monday’s match against Portugal concluded with the final score of 27-19 following halftime at 15-10.

Thus on Thursday June 29th, the Faroes will play in the quarterfinal in Berlin against Serbia. If the Faroese make it to the semifinals they will be competing against either Denmark or Germany.

Team Faroe goal scorers on June 25th against Brazil:
Elias Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 13
Hákun West av Teigum 10
Ísak Vedelsbøl 3
Janus Dam Djurhuus 2
Rói Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 2
Pauli Mittún 1
Kristoffur Bjørgvin 1
Aleksandar Lacok 1

Team Faroe goal scorers on June 26th against Portugal:
Bjarni í Selvindi 8 (2)
Bogi Hansen 8 (2)
Rói Ellefsen á Skipagøtu 4
Kristian Jensen 2
Pauli Høj 2
Kristoffur Bjørgvin 2
Brian Slyne 1


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