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Reported cases of Covid spike yet only two hospitalized

Since September, life in the Faroe Islands has generally resembled pre-Covid standards, with little to no restrictions in place. Testing of arrivals at the borders was discontinued on September 1st, and large public gatherings have neither been discouraged nor banned.

However, during the month of October record-breaking numbers of Covid infections have been reported in the Faroe Islands. This past week alone has seen 265 new cases confirmed and so, for the first time, the island nation currently has more than 200 so-called active cases. On October 26th, for example, a record-breaking 99 new cases were announced. Apparently, this time around the virus is spreading mostly among children and young adults.

In response to these developments, the Government decided to take some measures targeting the local areas primarily affected — namely, the Eysturoy and Klaksvík regions. Thus older school students have been sent home there, with sports events and other after-school activities suspended for the time being.

As per the Government, there are currently no plans to bring back mandatory border testing. Despite the large number of reported infections, the number of hospitalizations has remained practically nonexistent. In fact, those numbers have been so low that the National Hospital has decided to close the Covid Ward. Director general Steinar Eirikstoft told national broadcaster KvF last week that there’s no need for that designated Ward anymore, adding that with a high proportion of the Faroese population already vaccinated, the healthcare system has not been under much pressure.

According to most recent statistics, 73.1 percent of the Faroese population has been vaccinated against Covid with 69.9 percent having received their second jab. Earlier this month the first people received their first booster; thus more than 300 people have received a booster shot of the Pfizer/BioNTech brand, the only Covid vaccine being administered in the Faroe Islands.

As at the time of this writing, the Faroes has 379 active cases with two persons admitted to hospital.


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