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Reminder: Hackers are still active during the corona crisis

A few weeks ago, Elektron told people to be aware of hackers, who, unlike some of us, do not seem to have taken time off during this corona crisis.

With a lot of people working from home these days, it is important to remember to stay safe when you’re online as well. Hackers are taking advantage of the panic and fear that the novel corona virus has sparked in our society. With fake websites who claim to be providing information about the virus or phishing e-mails, hackers are trying to trick people into providing sensitive information about themselves, Elektron warned.

On Sunday morning, the Faroese police also warned against suspicious e-mails. The police has received reports of e-mails, where the sender is claiming to have indecent pictures of the recipient that they will forward to the person’s friends and relatives, if they do not receive 1.900 dollars.

– If you receive such an e-mail, do not send any money or reply at all, just delete it, is the advice from the police.


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