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Red Cross Faroe Islands honours four First Aid Heroes of the Year

Image credits: Red Cross
Image credits: Red Cross

On Wednesday, the Red Cross Faroe Islands announced the recipients of this year’s Fist Aid Hero of the Year honour. This year the honour was awarded to four individuals – Jákup Petur Joensen, Allan Jacobsen, Beinta Virgarsdóttir, and Linda Kjærbo-Veyhe – for proving life saving first aid in December.

According to the Red Cross Faroe Islands, a 53 year old man had a heart attack while in his car, and the four honour recipients, who were nearby, immediately came to his aid.

They quickly managed to get the man out of his car, call an ambulance and provide CPR, until the ambulance arrived. These actions saved the man’s life, which is why the Red Cross awarded each of them with a diploma, flowers and a cash prize donated by Betri Insurance.

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