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Red Cross Faroe Islands donates one million DKK in aid to Syria

The Red Cross charity in the Faroe Islands is donating one million DKK (134,200 EUR) to the Syrian Red Crescent to be used for relief aid and support for victims of the war that ravaged the country in recent years.

The aid will be delivered through participation in the funding of various projects that include the provision of healthcare and the purchase of emergency equipment, the charity organization said in connection with its annual fundraiser.

“The crisis in Syria has been ongoing since 2011, and this has had serious consequences for the locals,” the charity stated.

The November 15th, Red Cross Faroe Islands televised fundraising event brought a record breaking 3.3 million DKK in donations, no small amount from a total population of only 52,000. Yet in the days following the event, donations were still pouring in, and on Thursday, the organization announced it had received an additional 85,000 DKK, putting the total at 3.4 million, 1.9 million of which were donated by businesses and 1.5 million by individuals.


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