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Red Cross Faroe Islands donates another 150,000 DKK to Lebanon

Red Cross Faroe Islands has announced that the charity is donating an additional sum of 150,000 DKK (20,160 EUR) in humanitarian aid to Lebanon. The donation follows another aid donation to that country last summer when its capital Beirut was hit severely by a powerful explosion.

“Being a refugee in Lebanon comes with many difficult choices for children and adults,” the charity organization stated. “The number of refugees situated in that small Mediterranean country has increased dramatically in recent years, so much so that today Lebanon is the country in the world hosting the most refugees. Because of this situation all services in Lebanon are under huge pressure, and many are living in dire poverty without sufficient food and with no access to essential medical care. For hundreds of thousands of children and adults, going to school is a mere dream.”

“There is a great need for humanitarian aid and therefore Red Cross Faroe Islands has donated 150,000 DKK to Lebanese Red Cross,” the announcement continued. “This will be added to the 700,000 DKK that were donated following the terrible explosion there in August last year.”

According to Red Cross Faroe Islands, the donated money will be used to fund the distribution of basic necessities, for developing mental healthcare services for refugees and to help increase protection against violence.

Back in August the Faroese Government donated half a million DKK (67,200 EUR) in humanitarian aid to Lebanon, with the Faroe Islands Red Cross donating another 200,000 DKK (26,900 EUR) at the same time.


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