Humanitarian Aid

Red Cross Faroe Islands donates 500,000 DKK to lessen effects of climate change in Africa

This year, Red Cross Faroe Islands has donated a total 500,000 DKK (67,180 EUR) for Forecast-based Action (FbA) projects in Africa, the charity reports.

The FbA uses meteorological data along with risk analysis to predict drought and dry spells. With the help of this, they are able to prepare for hazards such as famine ahead of time.

“The Red Cross’s World Disaster Report 2020 clearly states that climate change is the greatest threat to mankind,” Red Cross Faroe Islands noted. “Studies show that around 90 percent of all humanitarian disasters are related to the climate. 2020 has proven that we can act fast when necessary, as evidenced by our handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. If we are capable of taking the novel coronavirus seriously, we should be able to act on climate change.”

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