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Red Cross Faroe Islands donates 500,000 DKK in aid to health clinics in Yemen

Last week, Red Cross Faroe Islands announced that the organization will donate 500,000 DKK in humanitarian aid to war-torn Yemen.

The funds donated will be used for projects aimed at improving the living conditions of people living in Yemen, in particular with regard to health services, according to Red Cross Faroe Islands.

“With this aid, the Yemen Red Crescent will be able to secure services in the five health clinics run by Yemen Red Crescent and Red Cross Denmark,” the charity organization said in a statement.

More than 22 million people in Yemen are believed to be in urgent need of aid, of which eight million are running short of food, including three million women and children affected by famine.

Reportedly more than 2,000 schools have been damaged or completely destroyed due to the military conflict in Yemen, and an estimated more than two million children are in need of schooling.

Yemen is the scene of the world’s worst humanitarian crisis according to UN estimates, with only half of the country’s hard-pressed health services currently operational because of the ongoing conflict.

According to the International Committee of the Red Cross, 16 million people in Yemen are in need of medical care.


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