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Red Cross Faroe Islands donates 200.000 DKK to aid in Lebanon

In addition to the 500.000 DKK donated by the Faroese Government, the Red Cross in the Faroe Islands has decided to donate 200.000 DKK to aid Lebanon after the explosion in Beirut on 4 August.

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So far more than 200 people have died, thousands have been injured, and hundreds of thousands have been left homeless, after a large part of the city was destroyed.

– The explosion hit hard in the country, that was already badly affected by a financial crisis and increased poverty. Lebanon houses a total of 1.5 million refugees, and the COVID-19 disease has also had its effects, the Red Cross writes in a press release.

– The Red Cross in Lebanon is working hard to provide the many who’ve become homeless with temporary shelter, necessary equipment for personal hygiene, masks and necessary aid like food and water. Any help is appreciated, and one can support the work by transferring funds via the Red Cross website, redcross.fo.


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