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Red Cross Faroe Islands donates 0.5 million DKK in relief aid to Tigray, Ethiopia

Red Cross Faroe Islands has donated half a million DKK (67,230 EUR) for relief aid to northern Ethiopia’s war-stricken Tigray region, the charity reported on its website. On top of the raging conflict in the area, looming famine alongside Covid-19 related issues combine to further deteriorate the an already catastrophic situation for a growing number of people.

The humanitarian crisis in the Tigray region in Ethiopia has gotten much worse,” Red Cross Faroe Islands noted. “A majority of the people are in need of emergency protection and humanitarian aid. There is great need for emergency medical services, life-saving equipment, shelter, available beds, and access to water, hygiene and other basic services.”

The money from the Faroe Islands Red Cross will go to emergency humanitarian aid, aid for vulnerable groups, and mental health first aid, amongst other things, according to the charity organization.

As per UN estimates, the Tigray region was home to about 5.5 million people before fighting broke out in late 2020. This included over 100,000 internally displaced people and just under 100,000 refugees, already dependent on food assistance. Meanwhile, over the past eight months or so, to quote Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders), “the terrible violence across Tigray has forced people to leave their homes — some becoming displaced again having been displaced already — for precarious living situations within Tigray, and over the border in Sudan.”


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