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Red Cross Faroe Islands collects 230k EUR in annual donation drive

Earlier this month, the Faroe Islands Red Cross had their annual national fundraiser, with volunteers going from door to door all across the country to collect donations for the organization, receiving a total 1.7 million DKK (0.23 mln. EUR) in donations.

Thanks to the generous donations, we’re told, 750,000 DKK (100,000 EUR) will immediately be sent to aid people in Libya and Marocco, of which two-thirds will go to Libya, which has been severely affected by flooding with entire neighborhoods ruined, infrastructure destroyed, and thousands of people killed as a result. According to the Red Cross organization, survivors are in dire need of water, food, shelter and other support.

Some 250,000 DKK (34,000 EUR) will be sent to aid Marocco, which has been hit by a terrible earthquake. Many people in the affected areas—small villages in the Atlas Mountains—have lost everything, the charity organization said, adding that the Red Cross is working to provide food and shelter.

As per the Faroe Islands Red Cross, the money raised will likewise be spent on the organization’s work in the Faroes to provide food and clothing for people having trouble to make ends meet, amongst other things.


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