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As road safety improves, no traffic-related fatalities reported in Faroe during past year

2020 turned out to be an excellent year in terms of road safety in the Faroe Islands, as no traffic-related death occurred throughout the year, according to the Faroese Road Safety Council.

As per statistics, this is the second time in the past three years that no road accident claimed any human life on the islands — and only the second time for the past fifty years.

Despite this piece of good news, there has been little change in the number of traffic accidents compared to previous years.

The Faroese Road Safety Council reports that even though they do not have as yet the final statistics for traffic accidents in the past year, it’s already clear that none of them resulted in fatality.

However the number of traffic accidents causing injuries has remained stable at around 30 in recent years. A couple of decades ago the number was about twice as high, however improvements were noted coinciding with the lowering of the legal maximum limit for blood alcohol concentration levels.

“Although we still see traffic accidents resulting in injuries, the declining numbers of these accidents are proof that the consistent work to improve road safety has paid off,” the council stated.

It’s also noted that the health crisis has likely played a part in lowering the number of traffic accidents, as drivers have spent less time on the road and while at the same time the number of cars on the road has been lower than average. In that respect, the police have likewise caught a relatively high number of drivers going well over the speed limit.


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