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Public apology to the Faroese people

A few days ago an article was published under my name. Written out of anger and frustration about a situation that affects a lot of foreign people and also a number of Faroese people. I worded things very strongly and looking back at the article it comes off alot stronger than intended.

My aim was to provoke people to want a change and for people to realise that there is a small number of people here in the Faroe Islands that make it difficult for foreign people to have a easier time. It was never my intention to put all Faroese into the same box and brandish everyone as racist. But at the same time I feel that lights needs to be brought to the situation and dealt with appropriately.

With a harder push for the immigrant community to learn Faroese but no solid foundation for us to do so it causes alot off stress and frustration.

I want to give my public apology for my harsh words and I know that its not always easy to forgive. My intentions where always good but my words didnt exactly do it justice. A very small group of people are making the Faroe Islands look bad and I hate to see that. I love the Faroe Islands and I want people to experience good things here.


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