Products from Bakkafrost and Pelagos back on the Russian market

Image credits: Bakkafrost
Image credits: Bakkafrost

Pelagos in Fuglafjørður and Bakkafrost Processing in Glyvrar can export their products to the Russian market again, the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority announced last week.

All products are checked at the Russian border, and for them to be accepted, they must be on the Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance, Rosselkhoznadzor’s green list. If the products are not up to standard, the Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority will be notified.

This happened in April to products from Bakkafrost Processing and Pelagos. After that, they were placed on the red list until recently.

The Faroese Food and Veterinary Authority investigated the matter to see, if any corrections needed to be made, and last week, it was announced that Rosselkhoznadzor had placed Pelagos and Bakkafrost Processing back on the green list, hence they can now export their products to Russia again.

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