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Prime Minister Nielsen: Good thing we slowed down when we did

The Faroe Islands went into lock-down on 12 March, back when the country only had a few reported cases of COVID-19. This lock-down resulted in a huge loss of income for many businesses, and some people are of the opinion that the cost of containing the disease have been too high.

Prime Minister, Bárður á Steig Nielsen, however, is confident that the Government made the right decision to slow down when they did, and it is because the Government acted so quickly that the people of the Faroe Islands can enjoy a corona-free environment today.

The first case was discovered on 3 March, and the second case followed two days later. It was agreed that they would close down society if a third case was discovered, which is exactly what happened more than a week later, the Prime Minister says.

– We also saw, in the days after the third case was discovered on 12 March, that it exploded. If the trend had continued like that, we wouldn’t have been able to reopen society now.

It was between 13 – 21 March that the number of new cases in the Faroe Islands was at its highest. So far, 16 March holds the record for most cases in one day – 19.

So far, a total of 187 cases have been discovered in the Faroe Islands, the last two cases were discovered on 22 April, and it’s been nearly a month since the announcement of patient 187’s recovery.


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