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Prices for driving through the Eysturoy subsea tunnel revealed — and people are not happy

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Last week, the company behind the subsea tunnels to Eysturoy and Sandoy revealed the price for driving through the Eysturoy subsea tunnel when it opens early next year.

For a normal passenger car the price to drive through the tunnel between Tórshavn and Eysturoy is 75 DKK with a subscription (which costs 200 DKK per vehicle a year), and 175 DKK without. And unlike the Faroe Islands’ other subsea tunnels, this price is for one way only.

The price for motorbikes is 60 DKK and 150 DKK for vans, and without a subscription it costs an additional 100 DKK.

The prices mentioned above have led to many discussions on social media, and many are of the opinion that the cost is way too expensive. Some say that with these prices, they would rather take the old road between Tórshavn and Eysturoy, even if it means a much longer drive. Some, however, see the prices as reasonable.

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