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Pre-season monthly overnight stays at Faroese hotels increase twofold year-on-year

The number of booked overnight stays at Faroese hotels during March 2021 amounted to about 9,600, a highly significant year-on-year increase.

Thus with 5,000 more booked overnight stays this March compared to last year’s, the number rose by as much as 110 percent, according to Statistics Faroes.

The sharp uptick is hardly surprising, though, considering the lockdown of March 2020. Although the number of overnight stays in March 2021 was significantly higher than that of the same month in the previous year, this is still a marginal decrease on the corresponding number for March 2019.

“The Faroe Islands were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-March 2020,” the agency noted. “The 9,573 overnight stays in March 2021 represent a 110% increase on the March 2020 figure but a 3.7% decrease on the figure from March 2019.”

The capital area had the largest increase this March, Statistics Faroes further reported — fully 124 pc., with the rest of the country experiencing a mere 31-pc. increase.

The number of domestic residents booking stays at hotels during the month, meanwhile, grew threefold compared to March 2020, and twofold on March 2019. Notably, the corresponding number of overnight stays booked by Danish tourists in the Faroe Islands saw a 50-pc. rise year-on-year, while the number of stays booked by tourists from other foreign countries remained unchanged.


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