Posta CEO: The pandemic has boosted online shopping in the Faroe Islands

Joel undir Leitinum, CEO of Posta
Joel undir Leitinum, CEO of Posta

Since the beginning of the current pandemic, people in the Faroe Islands have taken more advantage of online shopping, both from local and foreign web shops

Since the novel corona virus started spreading this spring, more businesses in the Faroe Islands have started offering customers the option of doing their shopping online.

– It’s almost like every store now has one online as well, and in most cases Posta is handling the delivery. It works well, and people appreciate it, Joel undir Leitinum, CEO of Posta, says.

When COVID-19 started spreading, we saw an instant increase in the number of packages. These past couple of years people have started shopping more online, but it really got going when COVID-19 arrived.

– During the time when the Faroe Islands were virus free, the number of packages dropped a little, but it didn’t go back down to the level it had been on before the pandemic, and when COVID-19 returned, numbers went right back up, Joel undir Leitinum says.

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