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Port of Fuglafjørður: A growing international hub for the fish industry — video

Port Director Rólant Højsted:

Most of our port business is represented by [Bakkafrost-owned fishmeal and salmon feed factory] Havsbrún. They receive ship calls every single day.  

For instance, they distribute salmon feed around the country by sea and by road, and also they import additives for [the production of] fish meal and marine oil. Also they export some fish meal and marine oil.

And then there’s [cold storage facility] Bergfrost, by order of location. They receive goods from [next-door neighbor, freezing plant] Pelagos amongst others, and vessels land frozen fish there for cold storage. There is quite a lot of business activity.

Then there’s Pelagos, a whole lot of fishing vessels calling there.  Throughout the entire [pelagic catch] season, maybe 3 or 4 months out of the year, they receive ship calls on a daily basis.

In the same area there you’ve got all these foreign and Faroese vessels calling for bunkering service [at Effo Bunkers] — and there’s quite many of them.

There are also vessels calling at Vónin to have their trawl nets delivered or repaired or for doing any other business relating to their fishing gear. 

Then we’ve got [mechanical engineers] KJ,  [electrical engineers] Petur Larsen, and other service providers, where vessels receive maintenance and repairs. 

Our plan is to add another 80 meters of quayside, “northward” as they say in Fuglafjørður, actually southward, next to where the bunker facility is located and further along, which will enable us to manage an additional harbor function simultaneously.

Because there are many ships calling at Bergfrost, Pelagos and for bunkering. But that’s just three harbor functions at the same time. 

So if marine oil is landed there also… It gets rather crowded as thing are, sometimes vessels will have to wait either for bunkering or for landing their catch, or for loading or unloading [frozen fish].  

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