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Polish fisherman found dead in sea at West Harbour

Faroe Islands police are investigating circumstances surrounding the death of a Polish sailor whose body was discovered in the sea at Tórshavn’s West Harbour on Sunday.

The body was identified as that of a Polish crew member of Tórshavn-registered trawler Ametyst. The man had been reported missing on Sunday morning.

The man’s body was found on the sea floor at the dock and reportedly the police’s current hypothesis is that the man slipped and fell into sea Saturday night as he was boarding the vessel.

“An autopsy has not been performed as yet, but so far there is nothing to suggest foul play,” police told news daily Portal.fo. An autopsy, however, was scheduled for today according to other reports.

The deceased was said to be in his 40s and survived by his wife and three children back in Poland. According to police, Polish authorities and the man’s family had been notified.


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