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Plan to build flats at Frúutrøð delayed

The mayor proposed sending the matter back to the Construction and Town Planning Committee and the Technical Committee. The proposal received unanimous approval.

Those wishing to bid on the project to build 50 flats at Frúutrøð will be committed to building, financing and administering the flats and the surrounding open space.

New bidding medhod

This bidding method has not been used previously in Tórshavn. It is preferred that bidders make up a team, including advisers, representatives from the construction industry, investors and individuals or businesses that can administer the rented flats.

Tórshavn City Council is planning to put out the option or the project for public tender.

The city council’s interim technical director, town engineer and interim town architect are recommending offering Frúutrøð with the first refusal of the construction of flats.


The Technical Committee approves this recommendation, provided that the sewage system is financed by profits from the sale of Frúutrøð, and that the council provides 41 new parking places at Frúutrøð.

The Construction and Town Planning Committee approves the proposal from the administration, as does the majority of the Finance Committee.

The minority of the Finance Committee, Heðin Mortensen and Tróndur Sigurðsson, support the Technical Committee and advise the council to approve the matter on the condition that no more than three storeys will be built.

The matter has now been sent back to the Construction and Town Planning Committee and the Technical Committee.

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