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Pirate taxi industry blooming in the Faroe Islands

Although US ride-hailing firm Uber has been banned in numerous places across the globe, pirate taxi business is still blooming worldwide.

That includes the Faroe Islands where many young adults aged 18 to 30 years make some extra cash from driving people from A to B even though they do not meet the requirements to do so.

To drive taxis in the Faroe Islands, you must hold a taxi driver or private hire driver’s licence and you must also hold a taxi permit from your local municipality.

However, that has not stopped around 2100 people from joining the Facebook group “Privat sjafør Føroyar” (Private chauffeur Faroe Islands) – and that has not stopped a 20-something pirate taxi driver, who wants to remain anonymous, from driving people from A to B without meeting the requirements to do so.

We asked the driver for how long he/she has been a pirate taxi driver in the Faroe Islands:

– I think I have been a private chauffeur ever since I got my drivers license a couple of years ago. I knew several people who were private taxi drivers before I got my own driver’s license and that is how I got the inspiration to start doing it. And I still know many people who are doing it (driving people illegally).

– Most customers contact me on Facebook, but friends of mine or people who I drive often just give me a call whenever they need a ride, says the driver who claims that the most amount of money he/she has made over at weekend was around DKK 1700-2000. ”That was at a festival”, he/she says.

But what about the police? Are you not afraid of being pulled over?

– I have been pulled over often while on pirate taxi duty but the cops just don‘t care about it, says the driver.

Local.fo asked the ”Faroe Islands Police” the following questions about the pirate taxi industry in the Faroe Islands which is clearly blooming:

– Does the Faroe Islands Police know anything about the pirate taxi industry in the Faroe Islands?

– If yes, does the Faroe Islands Police know how big it is?

– And is the Faroe Islands Police going to do anything about it?

In an email to Local.fo, the Faroe Islands Police stated that ”we have been tipped off, but to the best of our knowledge, this is not a huge problem. If we are made aware of businesses like these, or if we receive tip offs, then we will deal with it”.

The Facebook group “Privat sjafør Føroyar” was created back in 2016.


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