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Pictures: Musician Hanus G. Johansen awarded Faroese National Culture Prize

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The Faroese National Culture Prize 2019 was awarded to musician Hanus G. Johansen at an awards ceremony in Tórshavn Theater on Wednesday.

This year, the prize was presented by Jenis av Rana, the Faroese Minister for Culture.

– Hanus G. Johansen is an outstanding and original troubadour, whose work has had a significant impact on Faroese culture and identity, the Minister said.

In addition to the Faroese National Culture Prize, two other awards were also given.

Musician Simme Arge Jacobsen was given the National Token of Respect for his “many contributions to the Faroese music scene since the 50s”.

This year, a special award was also given. The recipient was Leirkeri, a christian publishing company in Gøta. The award was given for the company’s “important spiritual publications”.

In addition to the recognition, each award also comes with prize money. Hanus G. Johansen received 150.000 DKK, Simme Arge Jacobsen received 75.000 DKK, and Leirkeri received 50.000 DKK.

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