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Picture gallery: Lea close to tears after FMA win

21-year-old singer-songwriter Lea Kampmann took home one of the biggest awards at the 2018 Faroese Music Awards which took place in Norðurlandahúsið (The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands) last night.

Lea, who grew up in Copenhagen where she was raised with classical music from early childhood, won the award Best Group/Individual of the Year.

After the show, Lea seemed very surprised by her FMA-win.

– It felt pretty unreal when I had to go up there (on the stage) and say ”thank you”. I nearly burst out crying and all. But now it feels more real, and it is really fantastic and very motivating, Lea told Faroese news site In.fo after the show.

In Lea’s teenage years, her love for song-writing started growing, and when she moved back to her homeland, the Faroe Islands, at the age of 18, she got inspired to write songs for the EP, Common Blue. Lea Kampmann has since then played a lot of concerts in different venues in the Faroe Islands.

Her first EP, “Common Blue”, was released last fall.

FMA 2018:

Pop/Rock Category:
Best male singer of the year: Bjarki Hansen
Best female singer of the year: Kristina Bærendsen
Best album of the year: Lán mær eitt oyra – Swangah
Best song of the year: Frosthvarv – Hamferð
Best group/individual of the year: Lea Kampmann

Open Category:
Best singer/solo player of the year: Mattias Kapnas
Best group/choir of the year: Alda Magna
Best release/concert of the year: Gangi eg um heiðar, fjøll og dalar – Ingálvur av Reyni
Best musical composition of the year: Autumn – Sunleif Rasmussen

Other Awards:
Best new artist of the year: Silvurdrongur
Best music video of the year: Heiðrik – Monster Leikstjóri: Heiðrikur á Heygum
Best CD jacket of the year: Kapnas plays Blak – Sámal Blak og Uni Árting
Best lyrics of the year: Lán mær eitt oyra – Swangah
The Audience Award: Asyllex
Best producer of the year: Hans Poulsen
Best campaign of the year: Gittarting 2017
Music honour of the year: Milson Zachariasen

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