Picture gallery: Great joy in the city as Winter Lights Celebrations paint downtown Tórshavn red

Paname Café

Lots of people took to the streets of downtown Tórshavn last night to celebrate that the days are now getting lighter.

The cultural event ”Vetrarljós” (Winther Lights) took place for the fifth year running – featuring free concerts and other events at various venues in the centre of town.

Reinsaríið hosted Faroese folk singer Hanus G. Johansen, Kafe Kaspar hosted Faroese country celebrities Hallur Joensen and Kristina Bærendsen while you could sit down, relax and watch a couple of Faroese short films at Perlan – the cultural house in downtown Tórshavn.

Meanwhile, congregational City Church Tórshavn and Sirkus Föroyar Bar hosted laser fog light shows while Havnar Kirkja (Tórshavn Cathedral), the second oldest received church of the Faroe Islands, presented high quality organ music.

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