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Picture gallery: Faithless rocked the beach of Gøta

Faroe Islanders may be amongst the most faithful nations in the world – at least when it comes to matters of life and death.

But on Saturday night thousands of Faroese people  took to the beach of Syðrugøtu to dance away their blues to the beat of British electronica band Faithless – the main attraction of this year‘s  version of the popular G! Festival.

The weather was almost as good as it can get this time of the year in the Faroe Islands – not rainy, not very windy either and relatively warm – and the festival guests were in a cheerful mood – throughout the night and certainly during the 90-100 minute long concert.

Faithless is best known for their dance songs “Salva Mea”, “Insomnia”,  “God is a DJ” and “We come 1”. Faithless recorded six studio albums, with total sales exceeding 15 million records worldwide.

View picture gallery from the G! Festival here.


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