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PhD earned on Calanus species found in Faroese waters

Inga Kristiansen has successfully defended her PhD thesis ‘Population dynamics of Calanus species within the southwestern Norwegian Sea — links to water mass distribution and Norwegian spring spawning herring’ about two of the most important plankton species found in the waters north of the Faroe Islands.

Abundant in the Norwegian Sea and the Iceland Sea, the Calanus hyperboreus and the Calanus finmarchicus — the two species of reddish marine copepods which Ms. Kristiansen focused on in her PhD thesis  are known as a key prey for herring.

Image credits: NaturalEarthData.com

For her dissertation, Dr. Kristiansen examined how Calanus population, reproduction and growth are affected by the seasons, vegetation and the strength of the ocean currents. She also examined the travel pattern and feeding conditions for herring.

“This new knowledge is important to our understanding of this nutritious and ever-changing region, and how the alteration of weather conditions affects the herring,” the University of the Faroe Islands wrote in a press release.

The examiners for the defense of the PhD thesis were Norwegian professor, Hein Rune Skjoldal from Fiskerdirektoratets Havforskningsinstitutt in Bergen, Norway, and Jeffrey Runge, professor at School of Marien Science University of Maine. Anni Djurhuus, assistant professor at the Faculty of Science and Technology at the University of the Faroe Islands, was leading the examination.

A video of the full doctoral defense can be viewed below:



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