People seeking refuge on outlying islands – population of Svínoy has tripled

Svínoy (Image credits: Ingi Samuelsen)
Svínoy (Image credits: Ingi Samuelsen)

Since the coronavirus came to the Faroe Islands, it seems many people have sought refuge on the smaller outlying islands like Svínoy and Fugloy.

A lot of the houses on Svínoy are usually empty but that is no longer the case.

– In the winter, the population is about ten people, but according to my calculations that number has tripled. At least there are less empty houses than usual. Some have been here since the beginning of this corona crisis. It’s not just random people who’ve fled the virus but people who have an attachment to the island, one of the inhabitants of Svínoy told

A population increase has also been reported on the neighbouring island of Fugloy. In the last couple of weeks, the population there has grown by about 40 people.

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