Pelagic fishing company P/F Christian í Grótinum acquires 9 percent of shares in Gist & Vist

Image credits: Ole Haupt
Image credits: Ole Haupt

– Our journey as a company is exciting. We’ve helped develop the Faroese tourist industry into an important source of income for our society. At the same time we’re exploring the opportunities to provide good quality service, jobs and good economic results, says Johannes Jensen, CEO and main share owner of Gist & Vist.

Mr. Jensen says that the company had been looking for a partner to strengthen the company, and now the company P/F Christian í Grótinum has joined the investors of Gist & Vist.

An agreement was signed on 4 March, and Christian í Grótinum now owns 9 percent of the shares in Gist & Vist. At Gist & Vist’s general meeting the CEO of Christian í Grótinum, Jan Petersen was elected to the board of directors.

According to Gist & Vist, this new development does not change the company’s future plans, which involve building a new Koks restaurant near Fossdalsgjógv and an expansion of Hotel Føroyar among other things.

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